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They specialise in sustainable handmade jewellery crafted by a variety of talented locals in their area. They use recycled materials to make top quality and fashionable jewellery. In 2015 they banded together as a small group of crafters, selling at a local marketplace. Within a year they opened a store and hired more talented crafters, bringing a wider range of jewellery to their shelves, now they would like branch out internationally.

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The idea behind Guild is to sell unique and fashionable jewellery to BOLD women, who embrace self-expression.

I chose the name guild because it stands for a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, but it also means an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. Guild’s goals are to promote craftsmanship, sustainability and boldness in their patrons. 


The client wishes to rebrand and release an app that allows them to sell more of their products internationally. My design objective was to design a typography-based brand for a boutique that is looking to transition from a designer/maker to a larger but sustainable brand. I wished to design a brand for a jewellery store that celebrates individuality and craftmanship. 

Target Audience

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The target audience are women between the age of 25 to 45 who are interested in craftmanship and wearing unique jewellery. This woman is interested in her appearance and dresses in her own individual style, she takes an interest in her job and the world around her and likes vintage and handmade products. She recycles regularly and tries her best to be eco conscious and cruelty free and has a keen interested in history, but also looks to the future. 

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Final Outcomes

My final outcomes are a logo for unique boutique and a brand identity. The deliverables I designed for the brand identity includes a website layout, a simple animation which captures the essence of the brand, labels, shopping bags, boxes for shipping and a shopping app. 

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Design Decisions

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well balanced and conveys so much meaning on its own.

Lastly, I added a wood grain texture to the logo to add a handmade element to the design to convey that this is a handmade jewellery store. 
ParalucentStencil was also used in the app for titles, but for smaller headings and bodies of text I chose Roboto regular and medium, because it is easy to read and balances well with ParalucentStencil. As for the choice of colour I was working

with black and white but added atomic tangerine to add

warmth and femininity. 

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Designing the logo, I experimented a lot with type, but ended up choosing a simple design because I felt it best conveyed the concept of a brand that celebrated craftmanship. I chose the typeface ParalucentStencil because the stencil element reminded me of a brand a blacksmith would place on their metalwork. I feel that this typeface alone would transfer the mind of the user to a blacksmith or welder working in a workshop, which adds a feeling of raw hard work going into the product. I originally chose the ParlucentStecil lower-case g because its ear reminded me of an anvil. The lower-case g alone works because it’s simple,

Click here to check out app prototype!
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