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Brand Guidelines

This an app for people of many ages with anxiety/ stress/ depression. Munstress is an app that makes your mental illness into a little monster. You look after your monster; therefore, you end up looking after yourself. This includes mindfulness activities, tracking your moods and goal planning.   

You can edit how your monster looks, changing their colours or other small features. There is also a feature where you write down your worries and feed them to your monster. 

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App Introduction

Welcome to MunStress! Today we're going to match you up with a monster. If you're here, you're probably going through stress, anxiety or depression. The monsters we provide are matched  up with these parts of your mind. They have extreme empathy, so when you track your mood,  they will feel the exact same way you do. Their moods can be improved if you look after them correctly.

You may take them for walks, do  breathing exercises and listen to music together. Your monster will nibble your worries away. After all, if you look after your monster, you're actually looking after yourself! To start off you will do a small questionnaire to determine the monster that matches your needs. 

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Click here to check out app prototype!
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