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Nothing Pursonal1

Nothing Pursonal1

The domestic cat is a complicated and mysterious companion. Their adorable features and meowing sounds mimic those of a human child, making us instinctively want to care for them. On the other hand, cats don’t even need us to care for them. Intelligent with keen senses, cats are the perfect killing machine, but at the same time, tiny little fluff balls. They domesticated themselves thousands of years ago and have become a major part in many people’s lives. However, history in the western world has been unkind to cats and it left a negative perception of them. These connotations are still found today where people strongly dislike cats due to cultural stigmas and misunderstanding their behaviour.

The aim of this project is to celebrates cats and shifts the perspective of cats to something more positive, in a playful and funny, but informative tone of voice The target audience are animal lovers, all over the world, any age, and any gender, but this is also an attempt to win over people who dislike cats. This project consists of a satirical illustrated book about cats, an illustration series and merchandise which celebrate the everyday life with a cat. The audience can buy these cat themed products on the website.


The Book

Illustrations and Merch

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