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To create a candle range that promotes individuality, sustainability and a connection to mother earth.

Target Audience

A woman aged between her mid 20s to mid 40s, confident, well travelled, who takes interest in the health & well-being of herself and the world around her. She is an approachable woman with an open mind, but decisive and hard working. 

She is intelligent, with a good taste in fashion, but isn't afraid to stand out as a unique individual. ​

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The message is to show that the brand is environmentally aware, fresh thinking, unique and encourages exploration. Oliver Bonas wants a range for Spring & Summer to convey their connection to the earth.

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The range will be sold in the independent store Oliver Bonas and their online store. Fedrigoni Woodstock paper is to be used for the packaging. Their paper is 80% recycled and 20% virgin FSC certified fibres. 


My Design Approach

  • Range name: Isla - means "Island" in Spanish. ​

  • Sustainable & target audience would be thinking about summer adventures during spring; A range based on an Island beach would fill them with a sense of wanderlust. ​

  • I chose organic imagery and textures from an Island beach; Sand, Seagrass, Sea waves and Seashells. I drew these out as shapes and placed them on blends of colours based on the theme; Shells – pink and orange, Seagrass – green and turquoise, Waves – bright blue, Sands – yellow and orange. ​

  • The names of each scent of the range include: Sweet Shells, Soft Sands, Sea Grass and Sea Spray; simple yet perfectly describes each scent's personality.​

45 x 45 mm​

Fedrigoni Woodstock​

Bianco 80

  • I used Ecoline watercolour ink for the washes of colours in the background to add a flowing organic texture. ​

  • I decided to use a gift box as the choice of packaging to make the product truly become "the little flower" of Oliver Bonas' vision, making it a gift, be it a gift from others or a gift to yourself. ​

  • I used the flowing watercolour textures, on a circular label to contrast the angular box. ​

  • In conclusion we have a range that is unique and encourages adventure & sustainability.


Artboard 14.png


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All nets-04.png

Gift Boxes 8 x 8 x 10cm​

Fedrigoni Woodstock Bianco 260

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