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The Brief

"Abandoning all conventional ideas of beauty and perfection, you are asked to choose an “imperfect” thing from the world around you, that you feel deserves to be remembered and recalled exactly as it is now. Design apiece of communication that celebrates this object’s nuanced characteristics, and reveals the importance and relevance of this perfectly imperfect thing. You are free to interpret the word ‘thing’ as loosely as you like; it could bean object, an item of clothing, an extract from a poem, a personality trait, a piece of fruit—anything! But you must make it clear why you have chosen this particular thing. You must clearly communicate your rationale, reveal your thinking, and sell the idea that this imperfect thing has enough meaning and significance to you, that it deserves to be preserved exactly as it is today."

This was a 4 week project about choosing an imperfection and celebrating it with advertisements.

Core Message

Nobody’s perfect and minor imperfections you worry about now will be celebrated in the future.


Anyone who feels insecure about imperfections.

strategy doc-01.jpg

What I'm trying to achieve?

  • To make a magazine advertisement based in the future where everyone is perfect.

  • The advertisement is selling a beauty product that celebrates imperfections.

  • The real target audience of today would see it in a magazine, have a laugh and feel more confident in the little things they felt self conscious about.

strategy doc-02.jpg
strategy doc-03.jpg
strategy doc-04.jpg
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